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Starting your day on a positive note

I remembered reading an article somewhere that said that starting you day on a positive note will help shape your day.

At first I thought that it was a whole bunch of crap, not worth trying and a total waste of my time being positive in the morning? Honestly? Come on especially when you have just woken up,all grouchy thinking great it's Monday time to get ready for work. Totally impossible to do, especially when you are prone to having the Monday blues.

Well amazingly this morning it was different for me,I somehow managed to summon the strength to think positively instead of being my usual grouchy morning self.

To boost my moral and keep myself positive, I recalled all the things that I have heard or read somewhere to make yourself confident and perky. I remembered my ex-colleague used to say that when you dress well it not only makes you look good but feel good. So I picked out a top, pants and a pair of earrings that I really liked.

On the bus, I kept repeating in my head the stuff that I was going to achieve at work today, blissfully day dreaming. Had a cup of my favourite Campbell instant soup for breakfast and began my work.

Well as we all know we can't control how things go, my day wasn't exactly peachy.
But somehow no matter what obstacles I faced today I managed to handle it calmly and not freak out as I usually do.

Goes to show that what I took as crap was actually something valuable to learn, perhaps I should learn not to pass judgement too quickly

Positive thoughts leads to positive outcomes....

Credit to : http://www.apenotmonkey.com/2011/10/19/opposite-positive-thinking/

Time for Change

In a couple of weeks time, I will be turning 25.

Looking back the last decade or so, I am somewhat proud and yet saddened at the same time.
I am proud of the fact that everything I own and have is earned with hard work and determination on my part and yet there is always this nagging feeling that I could have accomplished so much more if given the same opportunities and support that my peers received.

I have realised that this awful feeling has turned me into a horrible, vindictive person that I do not wish to be.
Yes, in life I was mostly handed the shorter end of the stick and being forced to grow up so quickly because of my circumstances.

Perhaps the reason for being so emo all the time is partly because I'm a Scorpio.

Well, Scorpio or not it's time for a change!

God has blessed me in many ways and I have to learn how to count my blessings. He has given me the love of my life who showers me with love and constant support in all I do.

Well, it's time to snap out of it and stop being a sourpuss, with my trust in God and a little support from time to time I believe I can change to be a better person.

So wish me luck!