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10 thing not to do to your hair

We all know that first impression always count, your hair plays a part in giving that good impression.

No one likes dull, brittle hair, it makes you look dowdy and very unpolished.

                                                       how to fix frizzy hair

     Well as they say prevention is always better then cure so here are 10 things to 
                                  avoid doing to your crowning glory to prevent fuzziness and hair fall.

1. Do not get multiple treatments like colouring and straightening at/around same time. Give your hair some rest.

2. Do not use the same shampoo for months together. It's always a good idea to keep changing the brand.


3.Do not tumble dry hair as this is rough on hair follicles and causes root damage and hair loss.

4.Do not tie wet hair as they are weak then, and the traction could lead to hair fall.

5.Do not comb wet hair rigorously. wet hair will shed more, so avoid combing them again and again.


6.Do not tie your tresses in a bun all the time, if you have long hair. This can lead to traction alopecia and lead to hairfall as well.

7.Do not tie your hair too tightly ,a hair style shouldn't hurt. This cause tiny bumps to develop on your scalp and increases hair fall.

8.Do not expose your hair to excessive sunlight, it causes your hair to dry up and the UV rays from the sun can damage your scalp.

9.Do not use your fingernails when washing or scrubbing your hair, this will scratch the scalp causing it to peel and eventually you will end up with dandruff. So be gentle ! and scrub with your finger tips.

10. Do not excessively wet your hair , when wet water breaks down the natural Hydrogen in hair.

Take care and take good care of your hair, till next post ta ta for now...

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