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Camera of my dreams Casio EX-TR150



After a couple of months of saving and waiting for the best price, I finally got my Camera !

Bet you can't imagine how much time and effort I took looking for this camera, going from shop to shop and even online, biding on eBay.  I place my bid and gave up when the price of the white version was too expensive,  please the camera is obviously  not worth $900.  I can easily get a SLR with that kind of money.


Places where you can get you hands on this camera :
  1. Gain city - going at $950
  2.  Best Denki going at $820
  3. http://www.styloshop.com going at $648
  4. and until Sunday 25 Nov 2012 the Sitex show at expo going at $769 

* Disclaimer -  Prices may vary or have changed, Please contact the dealers.

My experience at Gain city wasn't a good one as the sales man totally ignored me when I asked a few question, he focused on a tall chio lady who was trying out the camera instead, talk about bad service! Oh well fewer products sold lower commission I guess, no lost to me.

During my search for the camera,I came to realise that many major electronic stores don’t carry the casio brand, I wonder why, it’s an awesome brand.

Anyway, I got my red camera which is said to be the limited edition, from the Sitex show at $769.  I really dislike the fact that you need to buy the camera in a bundle package which increases the cost of the camera.
It came along with the  EX –Z28, not too shabby and easy to use. I’m going to give that to dear’s mother as a christmas gift as I know she loves taking photo and is currently using her handphone to do so, I hope she likes it.

Along with the bundle came a whole bunch of freebies with includes 2 camera casing, 1 8gb memory card, 1 table tripod, 1 cleaning kit, memory card reader and a casio lanyard and screen cleaner.   Boy am I a sucker for freebies haha, I felt the screen cleaner is really handy as this is a touch screen camera after all.


Other then the package deals thingy, I am very satisfied with the camera’s functions. It’s really compact and light 122 x 59 x 14mm in size & weighs about 157g. I’ll definitely bring it wherever I go!
It evens doubles up as a video camera with HD quality and slow motion playback definitely a plus for me as a montage designer.

Other features of the cam includes:
12.1 Megapixels
Back-illuminated CMOS sensor
Countdown Timer
Wide Angle 21mm Single-Focus Lens
3.0 inch Super Clear LCD Screen
High Speed Anti-Shake
Full HD Movie
Make-Up Mode
Decorative Function

All in all it is an awesome cam whoring camera with it’s sleek flexibility and make up mode to make you look flawless! What else can a girl ask for in a camera?


Well am off to explore my cam now, thanks for reading my post :)


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