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My 25th Birthday

Hi all , I'm officially a quarter of a century old!

This year was extra special for me because my family, deary and collages at work  took the effort to surprise me.

The celebrations began on Thursday when my collages had a triple celebration for Albert, Angel and Me.  We had birthday cupcakes!

Angel my manager was very sweet, she gave me a bottle of  erm some kind of pastry from Rive Gauche Patisserie, she said she didn't know what to get me and this looked tasty or can be use as a decorative item.
It tasted great, melts in your mouth. If any of you know what it's called please tell me lol, would love to purchase another bottle.

On Friday evening my elder sister treated my family and dear to a delightful dinner at Gordon's Grill at Goodwood Park Hotel.   I absolutely love the atmosphere of the hotel very colonial looking and posh, according to my dear it was once a German club, intriguing isn't it. I did wikipedia it and wow interested history. If your interested in doing some reading up about the place here's the link http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Goodwood_Park_Hotel.

OOTD: Wore a checker dress and done my hair for the occasion .No I did not apply too much blusher, just flushed from the wine.

On another note dinner was a pleasant affair, for appetisers we were served various kinds of a bread in a basket then came the starters. The soups were fantastic and they came in these adorable tiny cups, in each cup it held different kinds of soups, namely onion, lobster and mushroom.  Majority of us opted for the  steak on a wagon, while my younger sister had lamb chops. My Angus sirloin steak was really succulent and fresh but a little tough to cut. My dear had the Angus rib-eye, he felt that marbling wasn't as pronounced as he would have liked it. Dad and my elder sister had the same as I did.

The wine that was served during our meal was a little juvenile but thanks to my dear's keen sense and knowledge of fine dining, he requested for the wine to be aged. The waiter kindly poured our wine into a decanter.

For side dishes we had the potato gratin which my elder sister say is a heavy dose of calories, pan grilled scallopes served with asparagus and finally the portobello mushrooms all of which are my favourites.

My dad spoilt the surprise of the birthday cake lol, he kept asking when my sisters tried to hush him.

Apologies if my post is getting a bit lengthy, there is just so much to say.

And finally the gifts, my dear bought me a polaroid camera which has been on my wishlist since I was in my teens.  Once I gotten my hands on it I kept taking snap shots of us and his family.   I also received a 2 angpows one from my dear's parents and one from my dad. My dear's nephew also made me a gift, it was a container, filled with water, a toy car and some decorative pebbles.  He said that he knew I loved snow globes and wanted to make me one but he didn't know how to so this was the best he could do.

On the evening of the actual day of my birthday after dinner with my boyfriend and his family, aunty took out a box of vanilla ice cream as my birthday cake the switched off the light and sang me a birthday song.

 I am truly touched by the kind gestures that my family and dear's family had showered on me. I also received many well wishes from my friends and clients on facebook.

My aim is to count my blessings and during the start of my 25 year, I am shown that when you shower others  with love and concern one way or another those who truly treasure you will do  the same.

Cheers to my 25 year, another chapter of my life.

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