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Back To work !

Ah ... The festive period has passed ... and It' time to  head back to work !


It's rather hard to get the engine started especially after a long break during the November and December period when it usually the off peak season for most companies.

Here are some tips I gathered to keep you energised and on your toes when it is time to start your engine,  instead of being weighted down with dread which could affect your work performance.

1. It is said that most of the dread your feeling doesn't come from the work itself but it comes by how you think about it so set your mind straight, don't taunt yourself with thoughts of how much work there is to clear.
Sit down take a breather and make peace with it. Set your priorities and do your best, with positive thinking it will all be less draining when you work.

2.Ditch the to do list, spending precious time writing your to do list and flagging urgent mail is precious time slipping away.Instead look at your day and figure out where you have have time to really focus and engage on what needs to be done. Again prioritise.

3.Figure out what distracts you.  Focus is with doubt important when your working, it prevents careless mistakes and improves the quality of the work you produce.Little irritants like your co workers requesting just a minute of your time or is the email ding that you hear each time an email is received ? Once you figured out what it is make subtle changes and you'll see the quality of your work improve.

4. Accept that work is never ending. Being stressed over endless work never helps, it only makes you panic.Be prepared and do your best, takes each task one at a time.

I hope this comes handy for you ...

Remember stay positive and reward yourself from time to time. A little treat can always build up motivation.


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