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It stinks when your money shrinks

Dear and I were at a fast food restaurant the other day, we were shocked to see that the size of the burger has shrunk. It was even smaller then dear's hand , kindda sucks when the price is the same but the portion is getting smaller and smaller. Prices of food keeps going up and I guess businesses have to pass the cost on to their customers and tightening their budget.

I sometimes wonder, If  I as a working individual of the sandwich class can feel the pinch how about  others  who are less fortunate then I am it would be a lot worst for them.  Struggling just to get by each day  is no joke at all as your mind is full of worries all the time , it may lead to depression and life may start to seem meaningless and who knows what will happen next .

As our country grows stronger economically, I hope that no one gets left behind. The raising cost of living effect the community in many ways, people find it harder and harder to raise their children and the lowest incomer may not be able to even afford the basic necessities . 

I trust in our government to make the right decisions for our country and I hope they will always spare a though for the man on the street.

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