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Candy Crush Sage

If you like bedazzled blitz you would be an instant fan of Candy Crush sage by King.com.

Play it on the go on your phone or online on Facebook  This is a totally addictive game as you strive to get higher scores and complete each level.

The game follows the traditional match-three rules, it has the usual power ups and unlike bedazzle bliss instead of a time limit you have lives. When you can't complete a level and for-fill the requirement and is out of lives you have to wait a couple of minutes for the live to be earn back or you could take the easy way out and buy lives or boosters with actual money,  Facebook credits or request for more lives from your Facebook Friends.

The play area is also not always square Sometimes it is irregularly-shaped around the edges, meaning that candies can shift from one column to another as they fall; and sometimes there are holes in the middle, which candies can fall behind but the player may not swap sweets .

This is a really challenging game and you might find yourself stuck at a level for sometime. I'm currently stuck at level 23 ouch lol. Yes I started last week and am hooked! Talk about slow right as the game came out in April last year ! I got to know about the game from people at work.

There are tons of tutorials available on the web and even on youtube, but I feel that takes the fun away if you can complete a level so easily. Completing a level gives you a sense of achievement :P

In the name of fun and time killing, this game is totally worth playing.

Well back to Level 23 Grrr ! I hope I clear all the nasty jellies this time....

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