Life of Pi

Due to my busy schedule I barely have time to go to the movies and lets be honest out of 8 out of 10 films are just remakes of something that has been shown years ago, totally makes it a dread to watch. If the remake is good that's a plus, if it isn't it's just a waste of money and time.

Perhaps Hollywood writer's creative juices have ran dry ? What can I say it is not easy to come up with a totally new concept and be expected to be refreshing all the time ...

Now back to the movie I have just watched with dear at home.

Life of Pi , based on an award wining book by Yann Martel. Although fictional and not based on a real life account, I love this movie to bits not only because of the colourful storyline and animals but because it has so much depth.

Piscine Molitor Patel a young Indian boy who grew up in Pondicherry a former French colony in India , Self Christian "Pi" , was a delight to watch with his antics in school, being teased because of his name resembling "pissing" by his schoolmates. Growing up in a zoo that his father own Piscine learn a lot about the ways of the animals both penned and wild.

What I liked best about Pi was his child liked faith in the religions he came across in his early teens, catholic and Muslim. A born Hindu , Pi didn't judge a religion based on what it was but focus on what was beautiful about it. The adorable fellow ended up following 3 religions.

The movie has it's sad moment when he lost his family and ended up on a life boat with a tiger named Richard Parker  for 297 days out at sea and surviving the ordeal. It was really a very touching movie that would struck a cord in you .It teaches you to hang on to faith even when your in the bleakest of situations.

If  I have never watched this film, I would have never known about the book and we all know movies are just bits and pieces of what a book is actually about but it helps publicise  a good book  ... So I'm definitely gonna grab the book and read up on this fantastic story...