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Ice cream.

When I was a kid, I remembered that the range of ice cream available in Singapore was pretty limited.
Those that were usually available in supermarkets and stores were Magnolia, Kings, Cornetto, Walls, even  the $1 from the uncle on the motorbike . And if you would like to go out for ice cream we would mostly just go to Swenson.

These days we are indeed spoilt for choice. There is a whole new array of stores to choose from... Here are a couple of dear's and my favourite ice cream haunts.

Ben & Jerry's, one of my ultimate favourites, Love the ice cream because of it's flavourful milky texture. There are a lots of interesting flavours to choose from, chunky monkey , strawberry cheese cake ... great mix busting with flavour  Also found in tubs in the supermarkets but personally I prefer getting mine from the store some how it taste better.

Anderson's Ice Cream, They been here for quiet some time and I must say that they have a Great selections of low fat yoghurt and ice creams, more on your traditional popular flavours but the quality is awesome !

Basking Robins, I think they just came to Singapore a few years back, They have great promotions on Wednesdays where you show them something pink and you get a junior scoop free. 

Haato , Okay this is actually Gelato specially made with recipes from japan, but just look at that ! The photo speaks for itself, generous amount of strawberries were given , Waffle was extra crispy just the way dear and I like it. 

Gelare, again wonderfully crispy waffles smothered in maple syrup topped with awesome ice cream. Dear and I usually pop by on tuesdays because of the half price promotions of that day :P

Well in sunny singapore ice cream is always an awesome way to help you cool off.... Sweet treats that would make anyone smile well everyone but your waistline .

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