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Kate Moss Perfume

Every girl has a favourite Fragrance, It is not only makes her smell awesome, DUH but brings out her style and character.

There is an endless list of perfumes available in the market so here's an awesome article I found online to help you in your search for the perfect scent.  

Choosing a perfume and trying a ton of them at a go can clog up and confuse your nose so ask the store assistant for some coffee bean that would do the trick to unclog your nose and not stall you on your search for the perfect scent.

As written in that awesome article , there are several categories of perfume, personally I am always a huge fan of the floral rendition.

An example of that would be my ultimate favourite Kate Moss EDT Spray perfume, It isn't too heavy which makes a person seem old and not too sweet to the point that it make you wanna gag.Just right perfectly balanced, feminine and playful. Perfect for use at any time and place.

The only flaw it has is it doesn't hold very long but I would definitely splurge on another bottle of this awesome fragrance again.

You can try going to these places to get your perfume at a good price : 

1. Mustafa Shopping centre, They have a good range of the popular perfumes.
2. Departmental stores, They sometimes have huge discount when they are clearing stock.
3. http://www.beautylanguage.com/ - They offer not only a good range of soaps, shampoos but also perfume at discounted rates.
 Until next time all I have to say now is j'aime parfum ! 

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