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Company Paintball Event

The company I work at has the practice of having an annual sports event and this year PAINT BALL was picked.

Initially I was very hesitant to take part in the event, due to my fears which were raised by paint ball horror stories that I have heard but I knew I could not let my team down so I plucked up my courage and reluctantly joined in the games.

The event was held at Crossfire @ Singapore Discovery Centre.

The guns with safety socks on 

The battle field to the guys is a little small but for us girls we just wanted to get it over and done with.

I have never handled  a gun in my life and my heart was pounding every moment on the "battlefield".
First round I was shot within minutes, the next few rounds with the guidance from the referees, I managed to get by, staying hidden till the last few people on the other team were left,  kindda cowardly but it was my tactic lol, wait for the tough guys to get shot and aim for whoever is as scared as I am.

In the end my team were the champs, thanks to the guys  who faced the first rain of fire and fought courageously as well as our sniper and the two of us who covered our guys lol. Funniest part was when I had to face off with my manager.All in the name of fun, I'd just wished it was a little less painful.  

Paint ball should be called pain ball, some of us left with a couple of bruises. I for one got shot in the head ouch !!! 

So if you ever find yourself going for a paintball match, please ensure you're dressed appropriately. 

A cap would be awesome to protect your head as the head gear only shields your face .
long sleeved top and jeans, a turtle neck would be perfect for neck protection. 
But in our beloved climate prepare to feel really hot and sweaty. 
Listen to the instructors and you should be fine.

I had more fun than I expected despited the racing heart during the process and my new found headache , great game for team building and good experience now I can proudly say I've played paintball before. Whahah !!! ok lame -.-

Cheers to you all am off to Taiwan tonight!

Taiwan !!!

In a couple of days dear and I will be going to Taipei, Taiwan.

Planing for our trip can be a bit of a hassle as we are currently juggling a couple of task we currently have on hand.

Thankfully there are many useful websites such as Expedia,Great for booking your flights and hotel. They have reviews from many people in regards to the hotel standards. http://www.expedia.com.sg

Another very useful website is Trip advisor -  get tons of honest review on attraction and hotels.
This cleverly designed webpage even indicates where places of interest and restaurants are located near  the current location hat you are visiting. 

Pretty snazzy and very useful.

Well back to planing, hopefully we can get our itinerary done at least a day before we set off.

The Call

Dear, his cousin and I decided to drop by the cinema for a late night movie after a hearty dinner @ Hippopotamus . Dear's cousin said he wanted to catch The Call as the trailer he saw was pretty good.

Synopsis: When a veteran 911 operator takes a life-altering call from a teenage girl who has just been abducted, she realizes that she must confront a killer from her past in order to save the girl's life.  Credits to http://www.imdb.com

Here's the trailer

Pretty exhilarating huh? I was at the edge of my seat at every moment of the film, well almost at every part ... Lead actress Halle Berry, who so happens to be one of my favourite actresses was the bomb, only an awesome actress like her could pull off the intense and emotional role of Jordan our beloved operator.

Abigail Breslin was awesome as well, the young actress was a very convincing captive Casey Welson, especially in the scene where she was locked up in trunk of a car, helpless and crying without overacting.Was darn scary being locked in someone's trunk, I kept thinking what if that was me ? Lol  

The plot was pretty good, gives you an insight of an emergency call centre and the daily life of an operator, shows how street smart and fast thinkers an operator has to be in order to ensure your caller's safety . Sometimes even having to deal with life and death situations, one wrong move may cause fatality. 

All through the movie Jordan is guiding Casey via cell phone on what to do and keeping her calm throughout the whole fiasco, sadly nothing work as the killer Michael Foster (Michael Eklund) has his ways to deal with every situation. Jordan had to face off with him at the end...

The only flaw about the movie is the ending ... I loved every bit of it, but the ending sucked big time.

If your bored and wanna catch a flick the call would be a great movie to catch ...
Watching these two awesome actresses in an action pack thriller totally worth it !    

I give it 3.5 out of 5 clouds.

          Cloudtastic !

Haha just my own rating system because my chinese name has the word Yun  which means cloud in it. 

Taming the mane @ Jean Kiat Salon 1

My hair has turned into a disastrous frizzy mess due to neglect for the last 2 years because of my packed schedule.

 Dear was a sweetheart and offer to pay for my rebonding. Deciding which salon to go for the treatment was a huge headache as many people online have mixed opinions on which salon is good and which isn't, so I ended going to a salon near dear's place. Jean Kiat Salon 1 Northpoint branch. I asked them what product would they be using, they said it's some Korean brand. Total cost of rebonding and treatment is $180.

While getting my hair done, I gotten a little bored reading magazines so I decided to google the salon and see what their ratings are like. To my horror they weren't good. 

My first reaction was OH BOY what did I get myself into. In the cosycot forum, a thread from  2 years back gave the salon a horrific review, the girl's hair was practically fried during her rebonding ! Others cotters have also shared their experiences in that thread.

Well I told myself that was 2 years ago and since I'm already halfway through, might as well grit my teeth and get this over and done with, if it turns out badly the most I'll never come again.

Contrary to what was said 2 years ago, my stylist Bobby the youngest of the male stylist was awesome. He was a joy to chat with, considerate always asking me if it was too hot or was he handling my hair too roughly. He did a great job with my hair, giving me tips on how to care for it and all. It didn't turn out frizzy or dry at all.

After 3 hours my hair was done, "Ah don't you look much neater now" Bobby exclaim, indeed it was a million times neater. Thanks Bobby !

This has been the fastest rebonding treatment I ever had. My hair is stubborn and would usually take 5 to 8 hours to straighten.It was a very pleasant surprise that is was done in only 3 hours.

Here are some pics of the final result ...

  Pretty neat huh :P I love the fact that it looks natural not the mop straight kindda rebonding where your hair looks ridiculously flat .

The real test now is to see how long it will last .