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Taiwan Day 2

If I could turn back time I would set it back to the second day of my trip to Taiwan....

After a hearty breakfast of toast, porridge, fried noodles, eggs and soya bean milk oh how I miss the soya bean milk from the hotel. Dear and I decided to go to Ta Shee Blooming Oasis (大溪 花海農場)!!!

It was a long journey from Ximen to Taoyuan, we went by rail to a bus station and caught a 2 hour bus ride to Tau yuan. I forgotten to mention in my last post that I have been hopping around taipei due to the muscle strain during my paintball match lol -.- Dear kept teasing me saying I walk like a grandmother or a crab sideways downhill, Taipei is full of steps which was total torcher for me.But what the hell I was on holiday and was striving to make the best of it.

Our bus dropped us at Statue park where there is a very lovely lake and you guessed it Statues of historical people in Taiwan, The flowers interest me more so we went straight to Ta Shee Blooming Oasis.

 The flower dear and I really wanted to see the most was the lavender, as we have never seen real life ones before. We were a little disappointed because the lady at the entrance said that the season was over and not many were left.

 When we walked up the hill we were thrilled !!! There were some lavender flowers left along with a lot of other lovely flowers ! If you are a nut for flowers like I am this is definitely a place to go !

Dear and I instantly became shutterbugs hoping to capture all the beauty of the flower in photography  but like what dear always says a camera can never capture or do justice to what the eyes sees, an object live in all it's splendour .

The place even has a tractor ride that brings visitors for one end of the place to another, it was a big hit with the kids.

The mini barn where they housed goats and rabbits was awesome too, pay 100 NTD to feed the rabbits.It's delightful to feed these adorable furry creatures, I got quite angry when some horrid kid kept poking the poor defenceless animal with a carrot :(  Thankfully he stopped after I glared at him.

This is dear's favourite rabbit :P it had a very cute grey coat.Wished we could bring it home.

We had waffles and ice cream for lunch because most of the other items were out of stock.
After Lunch we continued our walk around this lovely place, look even the trees were flowering ! Nothing beats going back to nature....

Someone once wrote If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need. 
Indeed, Looking back I sometimes wished I could just live there and read books all day long ...Away from the hectic lifestyle... A simple life ...

We headed to the nearby 愛情故事館, which was just round the corner.Nothing much just a couple of cute exhibits and shops selling the local snacks and treats.

Then next we made our way to Tomita Garden Farm ~ Teddy Bear theme farm. It was a little disappointing...The ever popular teddy bear house was closed for renovations due to change of ownership of the place. But we had the consolation of being able to see lavender and sunflowers which were taller than those in Tashee, they were said to be planted later.

The mansion was lovely,  I could spot it when I was at tashee, up in the hills .
I thought it was a place where someone very rich lived haha ...

There were many "love:" themed items on display for couple who want to have their pre-wedding shots taken with all these lovely flowers.

when you buy the entry tickets you are given 100 NTD voucher to spend on anything at the giftshop so dear and I used our vouchers to buy this lovely musical carousel, as I always wanted one. I know they are available in SG but they are very costly . Got mine at 200 NTD after using the discount vouchers.  
What a steal !

Well I'll Stop here haha apologies for the long post will continue part two of day two soon  :p 
Thanks for reading.

I just realised that the second part of part 2 is too short to write as a post due to the lack of photos and we just had dinner in a hurry because we were starving  lol... so am just gonna post all about it here.

After we visited Tomita Garden Farm ~ Teddy Bear theme farm, we waited for 2 hours before our bus came, Taiwan is a huge place so be prepared to wait for your bus, on the bright side the locals are super helpful and friendly,without their kindness dear and I wouldn't be able to travel from place to place at such ease.The bus ride was really long so by the time we reached the bus station it was about 8pm.We had dinner in a near by Japanese cafe which served mostly fried food so we just had bento sets.Apologies no pictures cos we were too tired from travelling lol .

We chanced upon an adorable store selling Sanrio characters, namely hello kitty, keroppi and my all time fav my melody !!!

The items sold were very affordable compared to what we have in sg, knowing how much I love my melody dear bought me a plush and a handphone cover.The  cashier was very nice she asked if we were members, dear replied if we were we would only be for the week, oh your tourist she replied, never mind I just give you the members discount. It's very sweet of her :)   

The Handphone cover cost only 170NTW and the plush cost 270NTW. where else can you get lovely melody at this prices? In the cheapest one I can find is $30 sgd.

Thank you dear for the gifts :)

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