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Taiwan - day 3

After breakfast, dear and I headed for Taiwan Zoo.The place is  conveniently located at the MRT on the on the Wenshan Line.I was really looking forward to do because Taipei Zoo has Giant Pandas !

Yes I know there is Kai Kai and Jia Jia in Sg but honestly I feel that the ticket prices for the singapore zoo is a little on the expensive side.

At the entrance to greet us were the flamingoes, they looked more vibrant then those at
Jurong bird park or was it because things looked more beutiful when your on holiday?

The Koala bears were our next stop. I heard from somewhere that there were homosexuals, especially the females but when I read further about them online, there was an article stating that this only happens when the bears are raised or kept in captivity. Poor creatures :(
Regardless, I still adore them lovely creature made by god.

The Pandas were next on our agenda, I never seen one before and gosh they were beautiful! Silky looking fur and they were huge! I always imagined them to be smaller, could it be that I've mostly only seen the stuffed toy version of them?   

This is the enclosure where the panda's Tuan Tuan  & Yuan Yuan were kept. Photo was taken by my Casio TR 150, pretty good huh : D

The place was air conditioned and the enclosures were pretty spacious, the bears were kept separately  because panda's are know to be territorial. The enclosures each had it's own dipping pool and other cool toys and obstacles courses  to kept the bears happy.

I adored watching the pandas walk around, there have a very cute waddle to it kindda like a hamster haha. 

I brought my plush pandas Lucky Bear and Lucky Mei Mei along to view the panda's with me, call me childish but haha I love this pair of plushy panda's the most out of all my soft toys.

Lunch was unpleasant as the outdoor MacDonald had a lot of pigeons eyeing your food and you had to constantly shoo them away ... :(

We continued to tour this lovely zoo viewing all the wonderful animals , hippos, camels,elephant,tayper, giraffes. 

Dear and I enjoyed looking at the lions and the tiger we were only separated by a sheet of glass. I bet the animals are as curious about us as we are about them, perhaps we seem like we're just in a bigger cage then they are.

A baby rhino was born in the zoo earlier this year, now that it is  a couple months old it was a treat for us to view the scurry around.

The zoo is indeed a place you should visit if you ever are in Taipei, you could pick up a lot of cool facts about animals and the place is ever changing,

There you have it day 3 :) Stay tune for day 4.

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