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Back to school - day 1

I'm all set to going back to school , bought a bunch of essentials such as a pencil box , note books ect ...

Totally love my new forever friend's pencil box. Affordable and pretty, just the way I like it.

My dearest friend Si Jie gave me a whole bunch of stationery, she used to work for a supplier years ago and the clever gal stocked up on stationery buying them for her company at cost price. Thanks to her I'm all ready to go.

The first lesson was quiet a mouthful to swallow it has been 10 years since I stepped in to a classroom and I do find it difficult to catch up. Am really very thank for for Si Jie being my course mate , always telling me to relax, chill. Thank god for girl pals! Isn't she just the sweetest.

Well I am not going to admit to defeat  so easily, I am going to work my ass off and prove to those who look down on me.

Wish me luck dear online friends ! I know I'm going to need it .

Haha I have a life long wish to visit Japan, Perhaps I will one day . Till then I can only use my imagination and photoshop hahaha....

The dress I'm wearing is from My little Bow . http://mylittlebow.com/
Do check them out !

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