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Ikea shopping haul with little sis

Went out today with my sis to Ikea to get some stuff to beautify our home.

First stop lunch and boy we had a feast ! Just look at the bountiful spread .

Meatball were a bit of a let down wasn't as flavorful as I remember them to be but the almond cake more then made up for the disappointment only at $3.80 with a free cup of latte. Savoring each bite as I ate the cake indeed the taste was heavenly. 

We got a whole bunch of lovely items during our spree.

Got a set of bed sheets for myself totally love the rose print on it cost about $30 a little ex but am totally in love with it . I believe my lucky panda and melody agrees with me haha they look very pleased with the new sheets.

I know this is nothing new but you gotta agree that wall sticker really, liven up those boring walls . Sis and I got a bunch for our living room and her bed room.

Love the door curtain that we got as well haha , my sis cleverly use those as dividers to separate her study area from her entertainment and rest areas of her room. Perfect for cam whoring as well lol.

Sorry bad lighting and hate my teeth , totally gotta get them fixed.

Sis got this as well to hang in her room. 3  gorgeous paintings for a very affordable price of $29.90 totally worth it :)  

I also got some magazine stands for my notes and school stuff , looks really sleek . Not bad for $7.90 huh ?

Well if your tight in budget but really want to living up the place you can always count on IKEA !!!
I will definitely stop by again in search of awesome stuff.

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