Little sis birthday surprise

This year my eldest sister decided to throw my younger sis a surprise 21 birthday party. My little sis was feeling very blue because most of her friends were overseas and so she decided not to celebrate her birthday.

To cheer her up my elder sis hatched the master plan to give her the biggest surprise ever...

 While my elder sis went to scout for the venue.
My youngest sis made an awesome scrapbook/guest book for  friends and our family to sign in and I was in charge of the decorations and designing the invite.

My love hate relationship with Dyslexia

Yes, I am dyslexic, I couldn't read nor write properly till I was in Primary 4.
9 was the age when I was tested at school for dyslexia.

Mooncakes 2013

I am blessed to be able to taste mooncakes from a couple of hotels and restaurant this year. Thought I'll just review them and share my thoughts with you.

Needless to say that the Raffles Hotel Snow Skin Mooncakes are known to be the best. Newer flavors available this year are the  Snow-Skin Kaffir Lime Mooncake and the  Snow-skin Rum and golden rasin moon cake. No doubt that my favourite is still the Snow-skin Mooncake with champagne truffles & ganache.