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Little sis birthday surprise

This year my eldest sister decided to throw my younger sis a surprise 21 birthday party. My little sis was feeling very blue because most of her friends were overseas and so she decided not to celebrate her birthday.

To cheer her up my elder sis hatched the master plan to give her the biggest surprise ever...

 While my elder sis went to scout for the venue.
My youngest sis made an awesome scrapbook/guest book for  friends and our family to sign in and I was in charge of the decorations and designing the invite.

Scrapbook design by my talented baby sister

I ordered balloons from http://www.kidzpartystore.com 
Gosh they were so beautiful and lasting as well. 
It has been a week since the party and the balloons are still going strong. Amazing isn't it?  

I totally love this 21  themed balloons . They look even better in real life then in picture.

I got a package deal which consist of the 21theme balloon bundle and 35 helium balloons . 
For an offer price of $99.00, delivery included.

A party is never completed without props...

I hoped down to Nex shopping mall to a store called 
Great Xpectations, got a couple of birthday banner as we as an awesome 21 year old sash.  I even got a tiara to complete the birthday girl's props !

I total went gaga over all the beautiful deco available... Guess the my super girly side got the better of me...

The party was held at Little part 1 cafe.

A cosy little cafe located at 15 Jasmine Road Singapore 576584.
I really love the ambience of the place, feels homely and cosy and the food was awesome!
Everyone loved the ribs and pasta salad.

All in all, I am glad that we were successful in surprising the birthday girl, everyone had a blast!
With helpful friends and loving family  it was really a pleasant affair working hand in hand making this event one to remember. 

Oh wanna get more details on how the party was planned ? Check out my elder sister's site :

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