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My love hate relationship with Dyslexia

Yes, I am dyslexic, I couldn't read nor write properly till I was in Primary 4.
9 was the age when I was tested at school for dyslexia.

I was labelled stupid, lazy and slow from the moment I began school.
I remembered being very dreamy during my childhood, my mind always wandered and I have extremely short attention spend.

I am thankful that I am able to read and write well enough now, thanks to the help and guidance I was given at DAS - Dyslexia Association of Singapore.

As an adult I still struggle with dyslexia, I am horrible with maths and details in word processing or data entry. I also have problems reading and writing Mandarin, I can never remember the strokes but I do recognize characters when they are grouped in a certain format.

Like any other dyslexic I use tricks to help me get by daily life and most of the time people don't notice that there is something 'different' about me.

Dyslexia has caused me to have low self-esteem, it is hard to hide from the world that there is something not quite right about you. On the other hand, it is a gift, I have a couple of creative skills up my sleeve and sometimes during my daydreaming or zoning out I come up with good ideas.

There are both good and bad days some days it is a curse when I keep making mistakes with my work. On others, it gives me the inspiration to aspire to achieve great things.

Dyslexia, you are a curse and a gift ... but with you, I must live.

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