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I love Braids

Since my school going days I had always wanted to learn how to braid my hair. I didn't get the chance to learn till this year when I could no longer bear the longing to braid my hair.

I went through a lot of websites and Youtube videos in search of instruction that I can understand. Getting instructions and understanding is one tough ball game especially when is comes to working with your hands.

I finally came across a video which is super easy to grasp:

Thank goodness for this video :) The result after a whole lot of practice :

Pardon my old/loose t-shirt, who doesn't like to be comfy at home right haha...

I also learned how to do a fish tail braid which i know is pretty in now.

Just watch this and learn: 

My first attempt :
Just remember to never give up and keep practicing, if a slow learner like me could do these style so can you :) Cheers ! 

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