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Long over due birthday post

Yuppers I know that my birthday was last month but darn was I swamped with exams, work and running my blogshop.

It has been a year since I started blogging and I am thankful that I can share my thoughts, happiness and sadness here. It has been a rough year a lot bumps and knocks along the way, got out of a relationship and now trying my best to fix a broken heart and avoid depression...

On a happier note this year for my birthday my elder sister treated the family to dinner at The Little Fish Shop at NEX. The  atmosphere was great, place was nicely decorated with a sea side theme.

The food was delicious, we were enjoying our meal until a young waiter asked us if everything was ok, we said everything was fine thank. Instead of letting us enjoy our meal he added ya but we received bad reviews on the hungry go where. I was thinking to myself, I  if all is well with your customers, is there a need to ruin your restaurant's image? Obviously NO!  Perhaps his youth and ignorance got the better of him.

 My father shared with my elder sister a platter of oysters and lobster. They were fresh and pretty good.

I forgotten what my younger sis had haha, darn should have blogged when the memory was still fresh.
Youngest sis had pasta, while I had grilled black cod.

I loved the taste of the fish, soft tender and juicy and none of that fishy smell. If you would ask me if I would liked to go there for dinner again I would :)

For dessert we had creme brulee and my all time favourite apple crumble, not too sweet just right for the taste buds.

#04-15/16, Nex, 23 Serangoon Central

I really love having family dinners, when else is a better time to be merry, chat and catch up with each other? In the hectic lifestyle that we all have, we must always remember to spare a thought for family. I admit that in the mist of my last relationship I have neglected my family for that guy and am deeply regretful for that . When everything fell apart my father and sisters were there for me. 

At 26 all I can say is I am a lucky girl, when misery strikes me I always have family and close friends to turn to. Yes I have to work really hard for all I desire but it has made me who I am. None other then Clair :)

I really hope I passed my exams, it was horrible studying after so long as my dear friend Si jie and I say out brains have became rusty haha.... Wish me luck ... Haiz... 

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