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Eye brown Hairy Affair

Eye Brown Threading

Don't you hate it when

your eyebrows are all over grown, shapeless and messy !

National Day Rally 2014

I applaud the speech that PM Lee gave recently. I for one have benefited from the ITE traineeship route. No, I am not working on the line that I studied in nor am I a leader in that field.

Currently working in a totally different field. Never the less I have benefited by gaining experience in the working world which proved to be valuable.


I am contented that I have completed my studies at SSTC, took my final few papers last week. Juggling studies, my blog shop, my day job and going to flea markets is no joke.  I don't wish to do that too often, kinda made me neglected my health and everyone knows that health is wealth.

Social media headache

Darn, is it me or does anyone else have a social media headache? Back when I was a teen all we had was My Space and Friendster.

I guess those were simpler days before Facebook became popular, My dearest longtime pal from Canada Tara was the one who introduced me to Facebook when it was new. I had a tough time getting used to it, isn't that the case when you start to learn something. 

My night classes journey

Going back to school after all these year is one of the best decisions that I have ever made.

Yes it was tough juggling work and school and Yes it was tough when I first started school, being blur and not being able to understand the lecturer.

As time went by things got better with practice and  hard work, I managed to get by and even impress my lecturer. She said that I should consider going to university, for now my mind is set on completing my diploma. University, much easier said then done, the expenses, the difficulty, the time... faints.

Best of all I made new friends, ladies who work in the same profession, we exchanged experiences, confided in each other , formed study groups and had a blast.

I am not really confident in scoring well for my last exam but like my friends say there is no point in worrying. If I failed I will just do my best the next time. It is great to have the support of friends that are running the same course as you are. Going through the journey of  upgrading oneself. 

I passed my November Exams !

I am thrilled to announce that Si jie and I have passed our November exams, we even have the same grade ! Haha, Goes to show that with hard work no matter what your age is you can achieve what you aspire to .

New Year New Hair !

The last time I dyed my hair was when I was 18 years old. This year tired of my dull black hair I decided to get a change, hair makeover Singapore.

                                                   Yes as you can see I really needed a change badly...