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New Year New Hair !

The last time I dyed my hair was when I was 18 years old. This year tired of my dull black hair I decided to get a change, hair makeover Singapore.

                                                   Yes as you can see I really needed a change badly...

In search for a good salon to get my colouring done I came across http://www.beautyundercover.sg. This website is an awesome site for helping you decide which salon to go to, they have listing of salons complete with reviews. 

After browsing online I decided to  go to  Kobayashi Hair Design to get my hair done.
My stylist was Song Hee, a super adorable Korean lady.She has great reviews online from both men and women.
Check out her profile : http://www.kobayashihairdesign.com/stylists/salon-1-stylists/songhee/

If your worried about the language barrier fear not she speaks English very well, I for one had a great time chatting with her . She is very polite and dedicated to her work, when other customers requested for her to cut their hair she apologized  as she was preoccupied with dyeing my hair and suggested to them another stylist. This is what I call professionalism!

     These are some of Song Hee's works. 
Photo was taken from http://www.kobayashihairdesign.com

I chose to colour my hair chocolate brown with gold highlights. Due to my tan yellowish skin, darker colours tend to suit me better. Song Hee was really nice when I asked about her opinion and she gave me tips on what would suit me best.

                                                    Taken after I had my hair done

I really love the end result, the colour and highlight suited me well and brought out my features. I had temporary curls done to get a taste of what I would look like with curls at my ends.

    Taken few weeks later the colours
 are more distint after a few weeks of washing.

I would definitely recommend Kobayashi Hair Design, this Japanese salon has proven to be able to provide great service and quality at a budget that won't bust your bank account.

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