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Social media headache

Darn, is it me or does anyone else have a social media headache? Back when I was a teen all we had was My Space and Friendster.

I guess those were simpler days before Facebook became popular, My dearest longtime pal from Canada Tara was the one who introduced me to Facebook when it was new. I had a tough time getting used to it, isn't that the case when you start to learn something. 

These days we have Twitter, Instagram, Tumbler, Pinterest,  .... the list goes on...

Call me a slow learner but at times I get the really tired handling and updating all these platforms, YES you can link everything to show up on each platform but I feel the quality of the post will be affected.

We have social media managing tools such as HootSuite, Buffer and Social Oomph but each comes with a price tag. With inflation and better ways to spend my cash, I do not think I would be using any of those soon but you never know, never say never.

Gosh, I feel like the 200-year-old vampire "Goody".

I'm tired too Goody your not alone, haha ...

I recalled a quote:
“I fear the day that technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots.” Albert Einstein

I guess I should just be more hands-on and learn new stuff the old fashion way from good old books and not just google it online and perhaps meet up with my friends more rather than depend on social media alone.

Sorry dear, just a huge rant that I had just had to get off my chest.

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