I am contented that I have completed my studies at SSTC, took my final few papers last week. Juggling studies, my blog shop, my day job and going to flea markets is no joke.  I don't wish to do that too often, kinda made me neglected my health and everyone knows that health is wealth.

I thank god for every opportunity that he gives me and I will continue to strive for excellence. I dared to dream and will slowly learn to soar as an eagle someday. I put my life into your hand lord always for many a time in life I have fallen and suffered you were always there to guide me on. Thank you <3

 Now time is plenty for me with no commitment to school, it is time for me to DE-stress and focus on my dreams ...  exercise would be a good thing to focus on, haha I weigh a ton and am not at my fittest right now. 

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