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Perfectly beautiful and affordable planners

While browsing on Carousell, I stumbled upon the Doki planner, this lovely planner came in sizes A5 and A6. I have always desire to get a Kikki. K planner but wasn't comfortable in investing $70++ On stationery, so the doki planner which is mostly sold at $39.90 on carousell was the perfect alternative.
Ta dah !

Victoria Secrets - Bombshell

During my birthday this year, my family members, knowing that I love the range of Victoria Secret's perfume, they bought me the Bombshell gift set. They must have known that I was eyeing it for sometime <3

It came in a beautiful gift box, with the words Hello Bombshell printed on it, I still keep this box for my planner stationery,it is too lovely to toss in to the trash.

(Closed)High Tea at The Queen's Cats

If you are hankering  for a spot of tea, I would recommend a lovely English styled tea house called The Queen's Cats, located at Holland Village.She opened her doors on 4 November 2015.

As you enter the tea house, the beautiful baby blue walls of the store welcomes you to an enjoyable time sipping tea having a good chat with friends and family. The furnishing and chandeliers are just breath taking, a sweet escape from the hustle and bustle of  city life.

Forgetting to live

I have only 2 years of my 20's left before I hit the big 30 and reflecting on my current situation in life. I realised that I have forgotten how to stop, let go of everything and just bask at the moment. I take pride in being a responsible person always settling my bills on time, taking care of my obligations but it comes to a point where going through the motions of daily life is not enough...

Getting my hair done at Start From Here Studio KSL City, JB

A friend of mine wanted to get her hair done so after a friendly discussion over lunch we decided  to go to JB.  We headed to KSL City where there were many branches of salons and decided on Start From Here Studio.

I wanted to perm my hair to have a change from the straight reboned look that I was used to and bored with.The stylist were patient and professional giving us advise on the which colours would go together better.

The whole process of dying my hair ombre dark brown and green, perming and treatment took 6 hours.

Get Tickets to Gardens By The Bay at a Cheaper Price.

For dear's birthday this year I decided to take him to gardens by the bay. After hours of surfing the web in search of tickets at a better price I found the best bargain is available on Qoo10 at a store named Asia Trust. The tickets which were valid for 3 months were going at $11.89.  At the admission tickets were sold at $20.00 Local rate at the admission.

Talk about the amount of money saved and time saved from queuing up to purchase the tickets.

It is as simple as buying your tickets from Qoo10 and heading down to Chinatown to collect, awesome fuss free experience.

Heading down to the gardens was a breeze as the down-town line made it very accessible, walking through esplanade park was a treat as well despite the blazing heat of the afternoon sun. The lush greenery was breath taking.

Giving back

I have always had the interest in getting involved in charitable work but never set out to do it. Until recently, when my younger sis asked me to help the Canossian Sisters with folding clothes and sorting out items that were donated

.Later that week the clothing would be sent over by air to several parts of the Philippines. We assembled at the Catholic Archdiocesan Youth Centre and was greeted warmly by a volunteer mostly aunties they went good good good, more help. If you saw the mountains of clothes and random items you would have understood what she meant.

Great television series that were cancelled

For the past couple of years, I have notice a trend of great shows being canned due to low viewership.
It gets really disappointing to have your favourite show cancelled and havng to watch a speed up abrupt ending.

My list of my favourite shows that were cancelled:

Ugly Betty
Year 2006 to 2010 

Paris Hilton Perfume Can Can 2007

I have finally saved up and got my hands on this wonderful perfume which I had previously given to a friend as a gift for her birthday. It was on 20% off at BHG and almost a steal.
I simply adore this perfume, it is sweet, fruity and last for many hours and smells woodier when it dries.

When a man brings out the worst in you.... He may not be the one.

Earlier this year I felt like I have been to hell and back. I had a failed relationship but looking back I do not blame my ex. Well, I do blame him a certain amount of the infidelity but that is about it. We were together for 5 whole years, I broke off with him once and only got back to him because he begged me to return to his side.

Here are some points I would like to share the heart-wrenching relationship I had :

RIP, Safe with god

The longest ride

I am a huge Nicolas Sparks fan, Yes I have read almost all his books. They usually have the same theme and outcomes, it does get boring after a while but it is really refreshing to get back into the books and movies after a break or after facing a failed relationship.

A girl still can dream can't she?

My Shiny Blue Bible

I had always wanted to get a new bible and today I chanced upon the Carlo Catholic Society store  and got myself a shiny new blue bible which even comes with a zip cover.

Finding Myself Again

Looking back, I find it ironic that at the end of 2014  I was raving to my sister about how 2015 is gonna be a way better year than 2014...

I never knew how much pain the start of 2015  had in store for me ...

At the beginning of this year, I was given an emotional onion, I suffered a couple of months worth of peeling and unravelling the layers upon layers of lies and deception. Not only did the chemicals from the onion sting my eyes,  the truth released from each layer delivered excruciating pain. Wary of this daunting task, hatred and anger filled my heart. Heaven was kind in sending friends, family and even kind strangers to my path.

Crash and Burn

I was foolish enough to get back to a "horrible relationship" and am glad I am out of it. It drained me of my confidence and affected my mood greatly. Some people just do not change, no matter how much they claim they have and the list of lies and dark secrets never ends.

My spirit was eaten alive each day, I lost the motivation to even do the things I love most. My friends and love ones noted the changed in me and warned me to get out.
Their words fell on deaf ears. What can I say when you are blinded by love.

Revamping my hair for the new year

I do not really have the habit of going to the salon regularly to groom or restyle my hair, It is more of a yearly routine for me.

Yes... I was stuck with an untidy mess of a shoulder-length ... Speechless ... Crappy looking do.