Getting my hair done at Start From Here Studio KSL City, JB - Sweet Bunny

A friend wanted to get her hair done, so after a friendly discussion over lunch, we decided to go to JB. We headed to KSL City, where there were many branches of salons, and decided on Start From Here Studio.

I wanted to perm my hair to have a change from the straight rebonded look that I was used to and bored with. The stylist was patient and professional, advising us on which colours would go together better.

Dying my hair ombre dark brown and green, perming and treatment took 6 hours.

getting my hair done

Get Tickets to Gardens By The Bay at a Cheaper Price - Sweet Bunny

For dear's birthday this year I decided to take him to gardens by the bay. After hours of surfing the web in search of tickets at a better price I found the best bargain is available on Qoo10 at a store named Asia Trust. The tickets which were valid for 3 months were going at $11.89.  At the admission tickets were sold at $20.00 Local rate at the admission.

Talk about the amount of money saved and time saved from queuing up to purchase the tickets.

It is as simple as buying your tickets from Qoo10 and heading down to Chinatown to collect, awesome fuss free experience.

Heading down to the gardens was a breeze as the down-town line made it very accessible, walking through esplanade park was a treat as well despite the blazing heat of the afternoon sun. The lush greenery was breath taking.

Gardens by the bay singapore

Giving back - Sweet Bunny

I have always been interested in charitable work but never set out to do it. Until recently, my younger sis asked me to help the Canossian Sisters fold clothes and sort out donated items.

.Later that week, the clothing would be sent over by air to several parts of the Philippines. We assembled at the Catholic Archdiocesan Youth Centre and were greeted warmly by a volunteer, primarily aunties. You would have understood what she meant if you saw the mountains of clothes and random items. They went good good good, more help.

Revamping my hair for the new year - Sweet Bunny

I do not really have the habit of going to the salon regularly to groom or restyle my hair, It is more of a yearly routine for me.

Yes... I was stuck with an untidy mess of a shoulder-length ... Speechless ... Crappy looking do.

messy hair