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Revamping my hair for the new year

I do not really have the habit of going to the salon regularly to groom or restyle my hair, It is more of a yearly routine for me.

Yes... I was stuck with an untidy mess of a shoulder-length ... Speechless ... Crappy looking do.

Sadly Song-Hee from Kobayashi Hair Salon has gone back to Korea to upgrade her skills.  I decided to try my luck at Hair Inn at Nex after getting a recommendation from my colleague.

Anson attended to me. He was friendly and helpful suggesting I do soft rebonding and recolouring. I  practically spent the whole day at the salon getting my hair straightener, it is a known fact that I have very stubborn hair. The colour brown was chosen and I loved how it turned out.

The salon is really packed and each stylist had to attend to many customers at a go. I like the outcome of my do but the ends were pretty dried out. No surprise as I was told that soft rebonding and colour can really be damaging to your hair.

Anson offered to do treatment to my hair but I rather used my own methods to revitalize my hair. I bought the  Tresemme colour shampoo and conditioner and applied some hair serum to the ends every other day. In no time my roots were back in good condition.

Would I go back to Hair Inn again? Well the service is not too sloppy and the stylist is friendly, The price is reasonable as well so maybe.

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