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When a man brings out the worst in you.... He may not be the one.

Earlier this year I felt like I have been to hell and back. I had a failed relationship but looking back I do not blame my ex. Well, I do blame him a certain amount of the infidelity but that is about it. We were together for 5 whole years, I broke off with him once and only got back to him because he begged me to return to his side.

Here are some points I would like to share the heart-wrenching relationship I had :

1. If he hates your family forget him, a guy who loves you will love your family and friends or at least make an effort to be cordial with people who matter to you. Not being glued to his phone putting on a frown and ignoring everyone.

2.He brings out the best in you and does not claim credit for everything. We brought out the worst in each other, it affects our moods and the way we carry ourselves. I know guys are big on ego but claiming credit for me going back to school? Seriously?

3. On important occasions let say Birthdays, Christmas, Valentine's days, he doesn't disappear makes excuses and claims he is doing over time all the time.

4. He puts you down and is always distracted, distancing himself and ignoring you.

5. After time spent together, you feel like your being eaten inside you lose your motivation to do things you love.Due to worrying about him all the time.

6. He does not accept you for who you are including your religion. Accepting you is very important not wanting you to be what he desires you to be, never lose yourself for the sake of a relationship, it would be like your soul dying leaving an empty shell of a body. What you believe in is a huge part of who you are and what morals you go by.

Well, that is what I learned the hard way this year. I am lucky and blessed to escape from a horrid relationship, toxic even. I left and I am glad I did, it was very painful for a month but I have since moved on and found someone, the total opposite of my ex. I am thankful to God for his kindness.

Prayer and faith have always been my driving force and always will be, Thank you God and may he send his blessings to you too.

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