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Giving back

I have always had the interest in getting involved in charitable work but never set out to do it. Until recently, when my younger sis asked me to help the Canossian Sisters with folding clothes and sorting out items that were donated

.Later that week the clothing would be sent over by air to several parts of the Philippines. We assembled at the Catholic Archdiocesan Youth Centre and was greeted warmly by a volunteer mostly aunties they went good good good, more help. If you saw the mountains of clothes and random items you would have understood what she meant.

 We spent a couple of hours folding and sorting through mountains of clothes during the process we separated the worn-out, badly stained and torn clothing out. I thought to myself when you are clearing out your closet and setting things you would like to donate please spare a thought for the recipient receiving the hand out, would you give this to a close friend? The poor should be treated with dignity , please ensure that items that you give up for donation are still in good condition and wearable. There were tons more women clothing then guys, heehee goes to show which gender is more generous or should I say shops more often?

 All in all it was a fulfilling afternoon, we were told that the task at hand was done in record time without the additional help they would have taken hours more to complete packing the clothes to be send over to Philippines and selling the unwanted useful items to the rag and bones man. Given the opportunity I wouldn't mind lending a helping hand again.


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