Perfectly beautiful and affordable planners

While browsing on Carousell, I stumbled upon the Doki planner, this lovely planner came in sizes A5 and A6. I have always desire to get a Kikki. K planner but wasn't comfortable in investing $70++ On stationery, so the doki planner which is mostly sold at $39.90 on carousell was the perfect alternative.
Ta dah !

This is my lovely mint polka-dot planner!

I adore the quality and stylish design of the doki planner, Love Doki, enjoy your life... Indeed Just looking at the bright coloured planner makes me feel perky and positive. Raring to go start planning my day.

There are also many planner accessories available from pastel dreams coloured pages to bold detailed designs. Stickers, washi tape, colourful pens the the options for decorating your daily or monthly schedule are endless. 

I got to admit I was pretty hooked on watching youtube  videos on how people organised and designed their planners.They are just so creative and the organisational tips they shared are really useful. 

The excitement that I have just builds up, my guess is the end of the year brings hope for the new year, hope that things will go better then this year. When there is hope there is a way, my hopes for 2016 are to be a better person, inside out, get closer to god, to bring joy to my father who worked hard to raise my sisters and me and finally to excel in all I set out to do...

Planners are a great way to plan out what your heart desires, the hard part is sticking to one and not using it for a month and tossing it aside. I hope and pray that 2016 would be a kind and less dreadful year for the world. Please let peace prevail ! 

Cheers to everyone! This festive December, may god bless you always!

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