How to archive your planner in a cheap and practical way

We all know it is impossible to keep a whole year's worth of data in a Doki planner.The last week of January is approaching and my planner looks as if it's about to burst, that hinted me to think of solutions to 'archive' my planner in an orderly and cost-efficient manner.

I  went to my neighbourhood stationery store and browsed around the files section, I could never find the files with just the right alignment for the holes of the pages of my paper. This is when an idea struck me. Fasteners!

My shopping experience with Lazada

My faithful Carlo Rino wallet has finally given out on me, my card were all dropping out each time I opened it. High risk for losing my identification and banking cards!

It was time to begin my quest for a new home for my cash and cards, after surveying the market for a decent, stylish and yet functional wallet. The Kate Spade Stacy Charlotte Terrace Leather Wallet in Blue was what I decided on, yes it is an old model from the collection of the wallet but the sleek design and vibrant blue on smooth leather were what caught my eye.

The wallet was retailing at $178.00 at Lazada, a pretty good deal, authenticity-wise, Lazada indicated that it is genuine and there is buyers protection. It was then my mind was set on my first purchase with