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How to archive your planner in a cheap and practical way

We all know it is impossible to keep a whole year's worth of data in a Doki planner.The last week of January is approaching and my planner looks as if it's about to burst, that hinted me to think of solutions to 'archive' my planner in an orderly and cost-efficient manner.

I  went to my neighbourhood stationery store and browsed around the files section, I could never find the files with just the right alignment for the holes of the pages of my paper. This is when an idea struck me. Fasteners!

These inexpensive plastic fasteners were a very effective way of holding sheets of paper together,combined with some A5 sheets of construction paper, I was all set to go. The handy dandy fastener allows you to bend the white strip to fit nicely into 2 holes of the planner pages. 

Tadah ... The finished product, I even created index tabs by using post its and glue. Ok... It is very ordinary and boring looking booklet but for me, it serves its purpose. Use your creativity to liven up booklets, I used 150gsm paper to prevent my pages from crumpling you may use hard cardboard sheets to do the same, like I said use your creativity and the options are endless...

That's all for now ciao!

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