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Getting My Curls Redone at Act Point Salon

My previous perm and dye was horrible, the lower half of my hair was dead, fried, indescribably DRY !

Lucky for me a friend's favourite hairstylist named Chris came to my rescue. He was extra careful in handling my hair, cutting off all the damaged areas away. Treating my hair before perming. The result was awesome !

Chris really is my hero !!! Salvaging whatever is left of my hair ! I do have to go back for another trim to get rid of the dry ends but as long as it grows out healthy again it is a small price to pay. What I like most about Chris is his honesty, never sugar coating the blatant truth about hair products and what each procedure like keratin treatment really does to your hair... ect.

This photo was taken weeks after the perm, I was in a hurry and didn't have time to style my hair pardon me for the uncurly left side haha. My hair is still recovering from the damage of the previous salon but I believe in Chris's hands over time my hair will recover and be healthy again. The lady in charge of the salon was also very attentive to all the stylist in the salon, always giving them advice on improving the technique Act point salon has definitely left me with a very good impression,one of the best hair salon Singapore for their service standards.

Hop down to Act Point Salon located at

Act Point Salon @ Bugis Shaw Towers
100 Beach Road Shaw Towers #01-14
Singapore S189702

Phone: 6298 5681


  1. Hi, Chris have left Actpoint. Any idea where he went or how to find him?

    1. Hi dear, I am not sure where he went but it seems like he has an Instagram account. chris.actpoint