Estiara Dark Pink Perfume - Sweet Bunny

This perfume bottle was a gift from my favourite aunt. The Estiara Dark Pink Perfume is just perfect for me. My aunt is fantastic as she has lovely taste in fashion and beauty products. My friends in secondary school used to tell me, Eveclair, I can't wait to see what your aunt gets you next; she is really my excellent aunt.

First of all, I would like to say that I love the bottle's design. It is very classy, and the functionality of the spherical design is lovely; no point in having a plan that tends to topple; the soft tones of pink and silver go very well together. The ribbon that is used also gives the perfume a very girly touch.

Estiara Dark Pink Perfume  box

True Love Husky Cafe Bangkok - Sweet Bunny

A few days before one of my trips to Bangkok, my elder sister suggested a husky cafe she got to know of to me. Being an animal lover, visiting the husky restaurant was definitely added to my itinerary.

We took the BTS to Ari station and walked to the shell gas station. From there, we took a cab to the cafe, located within a private housing area. Locating the restaurant was simple because many bloggers have blogged about the directions. My bf and I followed the instructions,, and we had no problem finding the place.

153 Paholyothin Soi Ari Samphan 2, Bangkok, Thailand

Upon our arrival, we were greeted by the staff, and they introduced the available packages. We opted for the cake or ice cream and drinks package as we had lunch before we came to the cafe.

True Love Husky Cafe in Bangkok

Tong Hai Department Store - Sweet Bunny

Unfortunately, my family member was diagnosed with colon cancer earlier this year, and an ostomy was done.

Tong Hai department store front

My experience with a volunteer group from - Sweet Bunny

Meetup websites have been in the rage for the last couple of years. An excellent and safe way to meet new people with similar interests.

I am interested in giving back to society but searching for an avenue could be tedious. Questions such as these arise when making my decision :
There are many organisations out there, but which one to approach?
What if you don't want to commit to just that one organisation?