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Bridget Jones is back !

Being an avid fan of the Bridget Jones series, I have read the books and watched the other 2 movies and kept tracked for a new movie for the past 12 years lol. Doesn't help that I am a big Renee Zellweger fan as well.

Bridget Jones's diary which is a reinterpretation of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice is a hilarious and romantic comedy.The first instalment was out when I was in my teens, Oh I still can recall the ending where Bridget ran out into the snow after Mark Darcy in her undies!

The second film Bridget Jones the edge of reason wasn't as good as the first .... but who would forget the fight scene between Mark and Daniel, the second time they got in a fight over Bridget. Kind of flattering to be fought over by two gentlemen, if I do say so myself haha. 

 Mark Darcy is a lot like Fitzwilliam Darcy in pride and prejudice.On first impression Darcy is an arrogant and aloof person but in times of need he is real gentleman and is always there to come to your rescue. Daniel on the other hand is like George Wickham, a charming but a very deceiving character.Things ended happily ever after for Bridget and Mark in the last movie. 

In the upcoming movie Hugh Grant will not be starring in the movie due to some disagreement of the script and Darcy and Bridget had broke up :( .

Patrick Dempsey, Mcdreamy, would be in the latest movie as Bridget's american love interest instead. The story line needless to say is different from the book,but I am glad it is being directed by Sharon Maguire who also directed the first movie and  is a close friend to the author of Bridget Jones Helen Fielding. 

I have yet to watch the movie but will go during the weekend, gosh I can't wait. This is going to be a real treat for me after years of waiting in anticipation. Gosh I have to stop having this British accent going thru my head as I write my blog post lol.

Renee who is american does a very convincing British accent.

Please note that all credit of the pictures goes to
 Miramax, Studiocanal, Workingtitle and Universal.

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