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Tong Hai Department Store

It was a very unfortunate event that my family member was diagnosed with colon cancer earlier this year and an ostomy was done.

Once a week the attachment and stoma bag requires changing, this can be quite a costly affair. Thankfully thru my sister's friend we were introduced to Tong Hai Department Store. 

Conveniently located at:

Blk 625 Ang Mo Kio ave 9 #01-100. Ang Mo Kio 560625

Tel : +6564537075

The store carries a range of medical supplies and equipment, most importantly the stoma supplies we require were available. Items such as Covatec skin barriers, pouches,stomahesive powder,adhesive remover wipes and sprays. But please take note to get the suppliers the hospitals assigned you,  to size your stoma correctly before purchasing the barriers and pouches, stoma sizes change over time so buy a box or so at a time rather then in bulk .

In addition to the stoma supplies, I found that other items such as bed pads, hospice wipes and ensure health supplements were readily available at the store. 

I was ecstatic when I got news that they also supply Ensure coffee in cartons instead of individually. Currently in major supermarkets, these are sold separately. My family member loves this flavor best compired to the usual strawberry, vanilla and chocolate flavors which you may find in tins.


We saved quite a substantial amount of money purchasing medical supplies from Tong Hai Department store. I would definitely recommend this store to others.For purchases above $200.00 delivery is free within residential areas.


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