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True Love Cafe - Bangkok

A few days before one of my trips to Bangkok, my elder sister suggested a husky cafe she got to know of to me.Being an animal lover, visiting the husky cafe was definitely added to my itinerary.

Locating the cafe was simple due to the fact that many bloggers have blogged about the directions. My bf and I simply followed the instructions and sure enough we had no problem finding the place. We first took the BTS to Ari station and walked to the shell gas station from there we took a cab to the cafe which was located within a private housing area.

153 Paholyothin Soi Ari Samphan 2, Bangkok, Thailand

Upon our arrival, we were greeted by the staff and they would introduced the packages that were available. We opted for the cake or icecream and drinks package as we had lunch before we came to the cafe.

Whenever I first enter any animal related business, I always look out on how the animals are treated and for any signs of abuse but I am happy to report that the dogs are very well taken care of. The owners were previously husky breeders and from their interaction with the dogs, one could tell that all was well.

Thailand being of tropical climate isn't an ideal environment for the huskies, fear not as the responsible owner kept the dogs in air-conditioned room majority of the day and allowed them out only an hours or so at each time. Ice water is also given to the dogs to help keep their temperatures down.

Before entering the enclosure, for hygiene purposes, your hands must be washed and plastic foot wear similar to gear used for infection control in hospitals were given to us. 

Play time with the dogs was awesome, they were rather shy but friendly, The dogs were separated into 2 groups due to the male dogs competing to be the alpha of the group. The irony is when food is being served, tension among the dogs was forgotten and only food is their main focus.

It was indeed an awesome experience stroking and cuddling up to the huskies, there are a few other breeds of dogs that mingle amongst the pack, pretty interesting to watch. It was also  quite an eye opener to see the huskies snacking on chopped carrots which the owner gives as treats.

Amidst playing with the huskies, I noted one particular dog was drawn to a cameramen of a local television station. Licking and cuddling up to the poor gentlemen who was trying his utmost best in focusing on his job,filming the interview. He gently pat the dog and smiled. I guess the dog got the cue and snuggled beside the cameraman looking disappointed.

Little did I know that I was going to be interviewed next by the television station. The host of the show asked question like, where I was from who I came with and do I like dogs... Haha didn't expect to get 5 minutes of fame during my holiday. After the interview we exchanged name cards and had a short chat. A very pleasant experience.

After the hour is up an the dogs were called back for meal time, we headed to the gift shop. Where I purchased a t-shirt. The owners were very kind as to call for a tuk tuk for us to make our way to the main road.

It was a very enjoyable session that my bf and I had with the dogs at the cafe. Not a huge fan of the cakes but the dogs and hospitality the owners provided was indeed delightful.

Could anyone tell me which television station is this ? The crew were in a rush and I didn't have time to ask them.


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