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Unicorn Cafe - Bangkok

If you are a fan of My little pony, this cafe would definitely be a hit!

It is a small cafe dawned in pastel colours, truly eye catching admits the grey of the street. It happens to be the week of valentine's day and the store was all prepped up for the occasion with huge red hearts displayed on the window.

A Simple Way to Sharpen Your Scissors

I enjoy doing crafts and other projects from time to time, however, the excessive use of the scissors has caused them to lose their effectiveness when completing tasks such as cutting paper and other materials.

The traditional way of sharpening a pair of scissors or any blade is by using a sharpening stone but with unskilled hands like mine, I may unwittingly cause damage to a good pair of scissors.

Thankfully I came across a life hack on Facebook that changed my life forever!!! Okay, that is a little too dramatic haha.

Sharpening your scissors is as easy as snipping away on a piece of aluminium foil!

My Heartfelt Condolence

 My heartfelt condolences to the Royal family and the people of Thailand on the passing of a great leader.