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C curl Reboot at Focus Hairdressing - Chinatown Point Branch

It has been six month since I done my hair at Focus Hairdressing, sadly due to neglect and poor management. The ends of my hair were really dry.

I decided to pop right back to Focus Hairdressing because I miss the soft silky texture that the mucota omega therapy provides. As Ken would put it your hair will be so smooth you can just run your fingers thru it and everything will fall into place.

 Ken never fails to impress. He would politely ask what my preferences were regarding the length of my hair and after washing my hair to check the condition he would offer his advice on what was best for me.

He snipped off the dried out ends and re-curled my hair at a higher position from my previous perm. I love the c curls because it is simple and sleek nothing too poofy.

Once again Ken made my day, awesome skills as well as an awesome person to chitchat with. What more can a girl ask for?

 Focus Hairdressing

133 New Bridge Rd, Singapore 059413
Chinatown Point

PS; All my reviews are not sponsored. Everyone is making a living and I always believed in giving credit and recognition to someone when it is due.  

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