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Promoting whitening and cleaning products. Having worked in the dental industry for 6 years when I was younger. On social media, I have seen a vast amount of DIY dental kits and hacks. I tend to get sceptical about such products and methods. Do they cause more harm than good?

Let me start with the anatomy of a tooth; a tooth is made of many layers. The topmost layer is called the enamel. The enamel is the hardest part of the tooth. It is translucent, and you can see the light through it. The central portion of the tooth is dentine which provides the tooth with its natural colour, which may be grey or yellowish, so our teeth are not naturally white but come in various shades.

tooth diagram
The photo was taken from Wikipedia.

MKUP long lasting lip pen, a new favourite - Sweet Bunny

 MKUP Lip Pen

The Facebook advertisements really paid off. I was convinced to give the lip pen a try. Though it is not as long-lasting or smudge-proof as most ads claim it to be. The product does stay on when it is dry and in contact with dry foods like bread. Once a drop of moisture from a sip of water comes into contact with the product, the lip colour is transferred.

On the plus side, it is long-lasting, does not dries my lips, and minimises unsightly lipstick stains on glasses/cups. I cringe at lipstick markings on cutlery; spare a thought for those washing up after you when you dine out.

Specific colours do not show well on my lips; they are relatively light. It doesn't help that my upper lip is a shade darker than my lower lip.
MKUP Lip colourMKUP lip colour