DIY Dental Care ? Use Charcoal Powder With Caution - Sweet Bunny

On social media, I have seen a vast amount of DIY dental kits and hacks. Promoting whitening and cleaning products. Having worked in the dental industry for 6 years when I was younger. I tend to get sceptical about such products and methods, do they cause more harm than good?

Let me start with the anatomy of a tooth, a tooth is made of many layers the topmost layer is called the enamel. The enamel is the hardest part of the tooth it is translucent and you can see light through it. The main portion of the tooth is dentine which provides the tooth with its natural colour which may be grey or yellowish so our teeth are not naturally white but come in a variety of shades.

The photo was taken from Wikipedia.

Dettol antiseptic cream - Is simply the best

Dettol is a very well known household brand of disinfectants.A vast range of products under the Dettol branding umbrella is readily available  products such as floor cleaners, disinfectant sprays, soaps. An impressive range but my favourite product is the Dettol antiseptic cream.

The 2 in 1 function of the cream is indeed genius, disinfecting wounds and cuts while moisturising the skin.The list of ailments that the cream treat is also astounding.Bug bites , minor cuts, minor burns and skin infections.What is lovely about the product is that the cream does not carry a strong scent and the texture is not sticky gliding on to your skin an adsorbs well into the skin.

I am on the clumsier side and do get paper-cuts, glazes and even burns occasionally. This cream has always came to my aid, a must have for any first aid kit.

 It even helped my colleague's nail infection, He proclaimed that after trying so many brands of antiseptic lotions but  Dettol was the most effective. I even used it when my loved one had abrasion rashes caused by the adhesive patch of his stoma pouch rubbing against his skin. It eased the itching and healed the sores and cuts, leaving the skin around the stoma clean and smooth which is an important factor when placing back the stoma during surgery.

Dettol Antiseptic Cream is easily found in pharmacies and supermarkets. It was very affordably price of SGD $4.35 for 30g. Please read the instructions before application just to be on the safe side.

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MKUP long lasting lip pen, a new favourite


The Facebook advertisements really paid off. I was convinced to give the lip pen a try. Though it is not as long lasting or smudge proof as most of the ads claim it to be. The product does stay on when it is dry and in contact with dry foods like bread. Once a drop of moisture from a sip of water comes into contact with the product the lip colour is transferred.

On a plus side it is long lasting, does not dries my lips and it minimises unsightly lipstick stains on glasses/cups. I cringe at the thought of lipstick markings on cutlery, spare a thought for those washing up after you when you dine out.

Certain colours do not show well on my lips, they are rather light. It doesn't help that my upper lip is a shade darker then my lower lip.