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DIY Dental Care ? Use Charcoal Powder With Caution - Sweet Bunny

On social media, I have seen a vast amount of DIY dental kits and hacks. Promoting whitening and cleaning products. Having worked in the dental industry for 6 years when I was younger. I tend to get sceptical about such products and methods, do they cause more harm than good?

Let me start with the anatomy of a tooth, a tooth is made of many layers the topmost layer is called the enamel. The enamel is the hardest part of the tooth it is translucent and you can see light through it. The main portion of the tooth is dentine which provides the tooth with its natural colour which may be grey or yellowish so our teeth are not naturally white but come in a variety of shades.

The photo was taken from Wikipedia.

For example, our teeth are like white t-shirts they can get stained by the food and drinks that we consume. Visiting the dentist for polishing and scaling helps to ensure our teeth stay clean and healthy. The enamel layer is very important as it protects the tooth when we chew, bite, crunch and grind. The layer also insulates chemicals and temperatures that may be harmful. Although it is the hardest layer of a tooth it is not indestructible it chips off, cracks and as we age due to wear and tear the enamel layer thins exposing the dentine layer. The dentine layer protects the nerves as well as the pulp of the tooth, exposure to sweet or acidic chemicals or different temperatures cause sensitivity to the tooth because the nerves are exposed. 

Charcoal Powder:

Back in the olden days, people did indeed use charcoal to brush their teeth. There is no doubt that it does whiten your teeth but the huge debate amongst the dental industry is how much damage does use charcoal cause your teeth, will it eventually erode your teeth with periodical usage? 

The video from a YouTuber about the Charcoal powder went viral. 
Mama Natural

After watching the video I am not convinced, before using any product I prefer to do my research on the supplier, I suggest you do the same too to be on the safe side. 

Darlie and Colgate did come up with their own brand of charcoal toothpaste. I prefer Darlie's version of the toothpaste. They are both clinically proven by dental societies certifying that they are safe to use. 

The picture is taken from http://www.darlie.com.sg/toothpaste/teeth-whitening & http://www.watsons.com.sg

You may say that this might be a big scam by the dental industry to just earn more from us but hey I rather stick to someone who has done years upon years of study and research to be a certified Doctor rather than some company who just wanted to make a quick buck any day. Remember teeth aren't only about aesthetics functionality counts as well, it affects your quality of life, especially during mealtime. 

This is just my view and opinion, I am not a dental expert nor a dentist but I always believe in sharing one's knowledge with others. 

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