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MKUP long lasting lip pen, a new favourite


The Facebook advertisements really paid off. I was convinced to give the lip pen a try. Though it is not as long lasting or smudge proof as most of the ads claim it to be. The product does stay on when it is dry and in contact with dry foods like bread. Once a drop of moisture from a sip of water comes into contact with the product the lip colour is transferred.

On a plus side it is long lasting, does not dries my lips and it minimises unsightly lipstick stains on glasses/cups. I cringe at the thought of lipstick markings on cutlery, spare a thought for those washing up after you when you dine out.

Certain colours do not show well on my lips, they are rather light. It doesn't help that my upper lip is a shade darker then my lower lip.

     Nude Pink.           Burgendy Red.     Lavender Pink.

I have tried Nude pink which is too light for me but it does give a very light spark of colour. Sexy red is indeed a shocker bright red for a more edgy and confident look. Lavender Peach suits me well a very purplish pink. Burgundy Red for some reason doesn't go well on my lips it always a bit patchy doesn't apply well on my lip. I can't wait to purchase the rest of the colours hard to tell what the true effect is like unless you apply to your entire lip. Don't fancy doing that with a tester. 

 Sasa currently has a 2 for $28.00 promotion they also have a small range of MKUP products which I would love to sample. On www.ohwow.sg it is currently going at $15.90 a stick.

As my dear friend Delia always says sharing is caring, I hope my review would prove to be useful.

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