Planning a 30th birthday celebration

 I celebrated my boyfriend’s birthday a couple of weeks ago, in my earlier post ( How we spent my boyfriends #30th Birthday) I wrote about how we spent his special day. For every event and occasion, preparation and organisation are required. I instantly knew that the butterfly park and insect kingdom would be a hit with him because of his love of these live creepy crawlies.

In this day and age where apps are the rage, these applications offer a wide range of products and services. I was very thankful that I stumbled upon the weekend go where app, as the name suggested it is an app that has a comprehensive list of the attractions and places of interest in Singapore and the South-East Asian region. The best part about the app is the discounted prices of the tickets! Some of the attractions are at up to $10.00 off.  That's a steal!

If you prefer to use the computer to coordinate the booking of your tickets you may proceed to their website.

I booked both the cable car and butterfly park and insect kingdom attractions using this app. When you use the application there is a discount code that you could use saving you $2.00.

There was a bundle deal called Cable Car Sky Pass with Buffet Lunch @ Faber Peak [Open Ticket] this deal gave me the idea of taking darling to Spuds & Aprons for lunch. However, I chose to make a reservation with chope instead for our lunch.

Chope. Is another great app, this application allows you to book restaurants and cafes. With every successful attendance,  points are rewarded. It also states ongoing promotions which are awesome! Their website is

Booking was a breeze and the best part of the app is that you could make alterations to your bookings after it is made, increase or decrease the number of pax is possible as long as it is done in advance of the actual day that you’re going for your meal.

Getting the perfect gift was next on the agenda, I decided to get darling the latest Fitbit Alta, it was pretty costly at Challenger, beyond my budget… so I began my search online for a better price or cheaper alternative. Gosh was I relieved when I found that the online e-commerce store of Challenger, Hachi Tech was selling the watch at almost $50.00 lower than at brick and mortar retail stores. Call me a scrooge but I even opted out of the delivery service and chose to pick up the item from the nearest retail outlet to my home. I also purchased the gift box from Minitoons and a card from Precious thots, I tried popular bookstore and a few other shops that have cheaper alternatives but it did not look as lovely.

At the end of the day, it is the thought that counts, there is no need for grand gestures or extravagant meals. What counts is the quality time spent together. Always remember to live within your means and not accumulate credit card debts. Look out for promotions and deals to save that little extra for a rainy day, a little goes a long way.

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