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Value Dollar store in Singapore has a great selection of drinks - Sweetbunny

As the title of this post suggests, My rare finds are of the beverage category.

First is my all time favourite Nestea Thai Ice Tea, I  usually have to bring this in when I am in Thailand or make my purchase at Golden Mile Complex, now that it is sold in Value Dollar it saves me the hassle and I could enjoy my favourite drink.

Nestea Thai Ice Tea

Diet Snapple Powder Drink Mixes - Snapple is my all time favourite drink, in supermarkets, it doesn't come cheap in a bottle. The powder mix is awesome when you are in need of refreshment. I have tried all 4 flavours but I found the lemon and raspberries the nicest.

Diet Snapple Powder Drink Mixes

Sorry for the glare, the other two flavours at the end are green tea and peach.

There are 6 sachets in each box and each sachet comes with its own cool fact ! how neat is that? Learn something new with every drink! I can't remember the price exactly but I do recall it is less than $3.00 well worth it!

Chocolate Flavoured Drinks - At the branch at causeway point,  I spotted chocolate flavoured drinks but it is not my cup of tea, no pun intended. It was almost sold out, I guess many were curious how their favourite chocolates would taste in a liquefied state.  
M&M's an Twix Chocolate drinks

Value Dollar, I am one of your biggest patron for teas, keep up the good work and keep bringing in the good stuff!

Situated mostly in the heartlands - Value Dollar is best known for its very affordable range of provisions. Other than the common food stuff and toiletries at rock bottom prices, the real treat about this place is the "rare finds". Rare finds to me are products you don't often see being sold locally in other leadig supermarkets in Singapore.

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