How We Spent My Boyfriend's 30th Birthday

It was a blessing that my darling's reservist ended before his birthday, which happens to fall on the weekend.

First stop was lunch we took a cable car ride up Mount Faber to the scenic Faber Peak, Spuds & Aprons was where we had our afternoon feast. The restaurant was having the Lagi Shiok! Buddy Combo Promotion  August & September 2017, we decided that the deal which comprises of an appetizer of the chili crab in a tux which was actually crab meat with potato, an entree of either lobster Hokkien noodles or Lobster Laksa and a delightful dessert of Chempedak bread & butter. There was even a deal for 2 glasses of Singapore Sling at $16.00.

The food was simply scrumptious we enjoyed every bit of it but we preferred the Hokkien Mee, the laksa was passable but it didn't tickle our taste buds as much. The highlight of each dish was the lobster, which fantastic although it was only half a lobster it was sufficient as the portion of the noodles was very generous. The chili crab in a tux was fantastic who would have thought that a combination of crispy potato and crab meat could cause your a gastronomic orgasm same goes for the dessert it was like apple crumble but only even better, the texture was smooth and chewy with just the right amount of crunch and sweetness.

The panoramic view from Mount Faber was astounding, there was a choice of an alfresco seating area or an indoor seating area, I selected the indoor area as I knew that darling doesn't appreciate the heat that much. The atmosphere was the perfect place to present darling his birthday gift. I was glad about my choice as we had the area almost all to ourselves, the outdoor area was flooded with tourist, you can't blame them for loving the heat that is why they came to warmer climates to escape the chill of winter.

Next on our agenda was the butterfly park & insect kingdom, darling loves insects and had a life long wish of getting the opportunity to study them. I intently knew that the butterfly park attraction would be a hit for him. Yet again we hopped on to a cable car and made our way to Sentosa, I am impressed with the attractions are now linked via cable car gone are the days where we had to depend solely on buses to get around Sentosa island. The park is conveniently located a short walk away from the cable car station.

There weren't many butterflies fluttering around in the enclosure, probably due to the season but I have to take my hat off to the guides, the had very comprehensive knowledge about the insects and animals there.The guide brought us to the section where the pupas were. The moths were asleep she explained as they were nocturnal.

 My favorite part of the attraction was the area they had the parrots and the huge iguana.  I have no idea why it was there because birds and lizards aren't associated to insect they were their predators at most? We stayed in this area the longest because the guide was very friendly and informative, I complimented her on how she was able to care for the animals with such dedication.

The cockatoos were a cheeky bunch who sought our attention and played with us they loved to be stroked, the guide did warn us that they do bite so we gave them short strokes whenever they tilt their heads requesting for one. Max the cockatoo was a playful fellow, he would pop in and out of the leaves saying hello as if playing hide and seek with us.

The crown pigeon wasn't pleased that the cocktails were getting all the attention so he walked over to us and spread out his feathers to show us how beautiful they were. It was kind of adorable that even a bird didn't like to lose out haha.

The macaws, on the other hand, were madly in love, haha kissing and snuggling with each other oblivious to their surroundings.

Next was the insect attraction where in a man-made tunnel, stick insects scorpions, dung beetles etc, there was a gallery of specimens of butterflies.

Can you spot the stick insect?

Dung beetle

 Works of art made of insects were on the walls, I didn't like it much as I felt that all creatures should be respected when they passed on not hang on a wall to be admired. Pretty savaged if you asked me.

All in all, I felt the attraction was in need of a facelift, It was enjoyable but in need of an update, faded posters and a dingy feel to certain parts of the attraction didn't really give a good impression to the place. The staff was wonderful and with an upgrade, this age old attraction has great promise.

It was a perfect day, the weather was good, my plans went smoothly and we both enjoyed ourselves.

Happy 30th Darling may all your aspiration be fulfilled!

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