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Backstreet Boys Concert Singapore 2017

Flashback to Saturday's Backstreet Boys concert, the only stop in Asia.

Image is taken from Singapore Sports Hub

 I rushed to the national stadium, amazing race style with my bestie Mandy, right after I arrived back from my Bangkok Trip.

The national stadium was packed, it felt more like a sauna but that was not enough to dampen the spirits of us Fans!

It was certainly nostalgic, every song struck a chord in us the Backstreet Boys have been around since I was 4 and somehow the lyrics have been ingrained in me or possibly because their songs were overplayed in the 90s causing an earworm to take residence in me. Their songs are the evergreen hits for all of us who were in our teens in the 90s. They are still relatable and fresh in this day and age.

My father always says that men are like wine, they get better with age, in the case of this boyband, YES indeed. The guys AJ, Nick, Brian, Kevin and Howie look fantastic, more distinguished.

The guys were very charming despite the smothering heat, I take my hat off to them for the perseverance to pull off an awesome show, wear blazers in this heat goodness!

It's not only the crazy fan girls that attended the concert, a number of guys dig this band as well, there was a gentleman next to me who was tapping to their song and nodding to the beat. A couple of young girls were seated in the row in front of us, enjoying their beer and dancing to the music. However, it was kinda hilarious that they had to google who each member was. Oh well, concerts are meant to be fun and I am glad everyone enjoyed themselves :)

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