1st and only Rabbit Cafe in Bangkok Rabbito Cafe - Sweet bunny

Rabbits are one of the most adorable creatures that walk the earth, with those pointy ears and fluffy tails who could resist them? I have always liked rabbit but to be honest I have never interacted with one.

After looking up on interesting cafes in Bangkok, Rabbito cafe immediately caught my attention. Thanks to trip advisor and google map the cafe was easy to locate. I  conducted a background check on the welfare of the animals before I patronise the cafe and am proud to report that the rabbits are very well taken care of, with a regular visit to the vet. Proper hygiene and cleanliness was also reported in reviews given online by visitors.

The entrance of the cafe is very enchanting, it felt as if I was transported to Beatrix Potter's world of Peter Rabbit. The English garden theme was delightful. If you are heading down to the cafe may I suggest that you do so on a weekday so you may have these fluffy darlings all to yourself? Try to avoid weekends and public holidays the cafe is packed as it has gained popularity with both local and tourist alike.

Upon our arrival, We removed our shoes before entering the cafe and an adorable little girl approached us with hand sanitizers. All the bunnies were kept in individual cages. 6 of them were let loose. The bigger ones along with a couple of guinea pig were kept in a pan in the middle of the spacious cafe. 

These sweeties were very friendly, they would hop towards you seeking food. They were all also very clean and well groomed, their nails weren't sharp at all.

The staff in charge gave us instructions on how to handle the rabbit, she also demonstrated the proper way of carrying the animal in a comfortable position. It was astonishing that way the rabbits responded to her calls when she made a sound when they were up to mischief, they would all pause and look at her. 

 The cafe has a good selection of western food, desserts and drinks which this little fellow insisted on sharing with darling.

Pardon me for the lack of details on the menu, I was too excited to eat, the thought of food was the last thing on my mind but this was what we ordered:

 It might have been for me last on my list but the food was a top priority for these little creatures. The staff told us to shake the rabbit food pellets containers to get the colony of rabbit to raced towards us. They weren't shy at all, hopping on to your lap and trying to get your attention. Being used to human contact would explain their behaviour.

The staff were very attentive, kind and patient ensuring dear that it would be ok to enter the pan with the larger rabbits. They also advised us to eat at the higher benches so the bunnies could not get to our food. The sneaky fellows would climb on to your lap in hopes of getting to the food so do sit with your laps in a sloping position to discourage them from doing so.

Just being amongst the rabbits was the best feeling ever, it really helped me to leave reality behind for a moment. The whole nest felt that my lap was an awesome place to be, with food and a comfortable place to sit what more could a bunny ask for? I guess God gave me fleshy thighs for a reason haha.

Darling's and my favourite rabbits out of the batch was this skinny black rabbit and grey netherland dwarf. They stood by our side even when the food was all gone. While the other bunnies would hop away once they were full. The black one was especially endearing licking me as if to say thank you for the food, it felt great to be groomed by a rabbit. 

I loved how the cafe was decorated in blue, the colour of Peter rabbit's famous blue jacket with brass buttons. It felt like a fairy tale being in the cafe. The only thing you would have to mind is the bunny's pee and droppings which the owner tries her best to clear as frequently as possible.

At the end of our visit, the little girl approached us with a lint roller to get the fur off our clothes a  very thoughtful gesture. I would most certainly return again to this delightful cafe again to stay in the company of these gentle yet sociable creatures. 

Rabbito Cafe
Soi Sukhumvit 101/1, Sukhumvit Rd, Bangkok, Thailand.


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