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Last Minute Christmas Shopping Online in Singapore - Sweet Bunny

It is after retail hours and you just realized that you need to get a certain someone a gift for Christmas. When panic starts to arise, take a deep breath and take comfort because there is always the World Wide Web you could turn to.

When time is in the crunch the best option is to purchase from a local and reliable online store. Zalora and Redmart are the 2 sites which I frequent and found them to be both reliable and value for money. They both have consignments with popular brands and carry a wide range of products.

Redmart is she serious? Don’t they just sell groceries as they advertised?

Why I shop on Redmart -Yes, they are mainly a grocer but as I said earlier they have consignments with a couple of baths, perfume, makeup, stationery etc companies.

A wide range of gift ideas - The range is pretty impressive, there is a good selection of toys for the kids, perfumes or bath products for the adults. Nice mugs that would make good gifts for office colleagues.

Shop for your drugstore makeup - Being able to purchase drug-store make up such as la girls concealers, wet and wild eyeshadow is a treat for me, just a click away, I can even buy my groceries as well as my make up in the evenings when I get back from work. I also love the fact that you can arrange the time they deliver your items, just got back from work no problem, your items will be arriving shortly how awesome is that?

A screenshot of Redmarts webpage 

Shopping on Zalora - on the other hand, was very convenient because it has a good range of clothing, fashion accessories and bags. My orders always arrive within a couple of days. This is definitely another option you can consider.

A screenshot of Zalora's webpage 

Zalora is the best shopping webpage which features both in-house designs and well-established leading brands such as Abercrombie & Fitch, ESPRIT, Prettyfit and many others. The best part of shopping on Zalora is the 30-day free return policy if your outfit does right just send it right back. ALso with a minimum spending of SGD$40.00, you get free delivery.

Here are the links to both sites, Happy Shopping!


For More Information Email me:  moiblessings87@gmail.com - Thank You!!!

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