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Find the largest range of pancakes dishes in Singapore at Paddington House of Pancakes - Sweet Bunny

Dear took me to Paddington House of Pancakes for my birthday, We read good reviews online and was enticed to give it a taste.

The restaurant prides itself on having a menu with 100 different pancake recipes from more than 10 countries worldwide.Impressive !

We ordered nachos, Aussie chicken burger and Minnesota flapjacks.

Gosh, It was a treat!

Puddington house of pancakes's food  portions -  served were huge and the blend of flavours for each dish was gastronomical. Scrumptious flavours burst into your mouth with every bite. It would be better if the nachos were crispier and harder they were very soft and crumble at a touch. But I must say that the sauce provided was top notch for the Minnesota flapjacks, not overpowering creamy tomato that went very well with the flapjacks and grilled chicken thigh.

 Extensive selection of drinks - from juices to hot coffee, we were spoilt for choice.

Puddington house of pancakes customer service -  The service we received was also excellent, the staff were attentive and helpful. The cashier even took the initiative in giving me a discount because of the promotion they were having at that time. Without me having to inquire.

Good food, great ambience, excellent staff and they are Halal certified which makes it a perfect place to bring our Muslim friends.

City Square Mall
180 Kitchener Rd, #02-35/36
City Square Mall, 

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