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Meet-up Group in Singapore -  I first heard about this website from an organiser of Singapore meet-up groups, he said that this was a good resource for getting information on which charitable communities require assistance. I prefer to participate in different meet-up groups and gather for the sake of good knowledge and information and this is a good one which I am sharing with you.

Giving made simple, fun and meaningful - Read More By Sweet Bunny Lobang

 Giving.sg Website

As stated on the webpage, all in one giving, three methods that you could contribute back to the society.
Mainly by donating funds to a charitable cause, volunteering at an organization or setting up your own fundraising for the charity of your choice.

The site sets each cause into categories, such as animal welfare, for the elderly or for the children etc. I found that it was easy to navigate as well as very informative, I was able to gain more awareness of the different charitable organizations based in Singapore

It was very convenient to make my donations using this website as I could contribute to different organizations at one go instead of mailing out cheques or waiting for the organizations to have a flag day. For certain organization, there is tax relief on charity donations you make all you have to do is key in your details for the tax deduction receipts for donations.
As for volunteering, you could filter thru the ad-hoc volunteering events and the regular volunteering events, making it easier for a working adult such as myself to set aside time to do my part.

So what are you waiting for? Lend a helping hand and donate today because it is a blessing to be a blessing to others.

For more information, Email me:  moiblessings87@gmail.com - Thank You!!!

Where to buy the best Diaper Cakes in Singapore and present a best new born baby gift - Sweet Bunny

Diaper Cakes Singapore Review - This post will provide you a detailed information and review about diaper cake in Singapore and diaper cake prices in Singapore - A friend of mine had just given birth to a beautiful baby girl named Keira so I wanted to present the best newborn baby gift to her.To be honest, as it is the lunar new year, I was kind of short of funds but I really wanted to get my friend a special gift for her baby - a card and memorable baby gift.

Hampers For New Mums Singapore - First I went to browse the usual hamper companies but I found that they were pretty expensive or the hamper items weren't very useful or consisted of food products that weren't suitable dietary wise for my friend or her baby.There were also delivery fees and other hidden service charges which were a little annoying.

Undeterred by my fruitless searches, I sit down and thought of the items that would be useful for a parent, diapers were the first thing that popped up in my mind, I have heard of diaper cakes and thought that it would make an excellent gift.

What are diaper cakes? - These cakes are formed using super useful items for a baby such as a pair of sock, blankets, onesies, diapers etc arranged in a creative way forming a "cake" like structure.

diaper cake hamper singapore

Here, Everything You Need To Know About Getting My First Digital Perm Hair Style - Sweet Bunny

Everything You Need To Know About Getting My First Digital Perm Hair Style at Focus Hairdressing Hair Salon in Chinatown Singapore.

The Lunar New Year is around the corner so my sister and I decided to beat the crowds and got our crowning glory at Focus Hairdressing Chinatown Singapore we arranged to get our hair done on the last weekend January. 

Known for their Focus Hairdressing mucota omega products my sister chose to get a simple trim and treatment while I chose to get a digital perm hairstyle for prosperity curls to usher in the Lunar New Year. 

mucota omega digital perm hair products by focus hair dressing Singapore
mucota omega digital perm