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Where to buy the best Diaper Cakes in Singapore and present a best new born baby gift - Sweet Bunny

Diaper Cakes Singapore Review - This post will provide you a detailed information and review about diaper cake in Singapore and diaper cake prices in Singapore - A friend of mine had just given birth to a beautiful baby girl named Keira so I wanted to present the best newborn baby gift to her.To be honest, as it is the lunar new year, I was kind of short of funds but I really wanted to get my friend a special gift for her baby - a card and memorable baby gift.

Hampers For New Mums Singapore - First I went to browse the usual hamper companies but I found that they were pretty expensive or the hamper items weren't very useful or consisted of food products that weren't suitable dietary wise for my friend or her baby.There were also delivery fees and other hidden service charges which were a little annoying.

Undeterred by my fruitless searches, I sit down and thought of the items that would be useful for a parent, diapers were the first thing that popped up in my mind, I have heard of diaper cakes and thought that it would make an excellent gift.

What are diaper cakes? - These cakes are formed using super useful items for a baby such as a pair of sock, blankets, onesies, diapers etc arranged in a creative way forming a "cake" like structure.

diaper cake hamper singapore

Diaper Cakes Store Singapore - Initially, I had the impression that they were expensive. Diaper Cakes  - baby store in Singapore proved me wrong, the store offers adorable, practical and beautifully made diaper cakes and other gift sets for toddlers and babies. What I liked about the website was it had gifts that were thoughtfully put together in a form of a cake or a hamper. The hampers kind of reminded me of a care package, at different price ranges, I loved the selection that was available. Just look at these beautiful creations!
diaper cake hamper for baby birth
Diaper Cakes Baby Gift Hampers - Baby Store In Singapore 

diaper cake gift hamper for baby birth
Baby Diaper Cakes Gift Hampers - Baby Store In Singapore

diaper cake hampers gift for new born baby
Diaper Cakes Baby Gift Hampers - Diaper Cakes Singapore

The above cakes are from the $99.00 & $149.00 range, aren't they awesome?

I bought a mini cake which was retailing at SGD $52.00, the cake consisted of a onesie, a pair of socks, 7 diapers and a carebear soft toy all placed in a gift box. The best part of this purchase was the free delivery services in Singapore! Purchases of  SGD $50.00 and above are entitled to free delivery the next day of your order.
best diaper cakes by diapercakes.sg in singaporebest diaper cake hampers in singapore

My Friend's Reaction - My friend was delighted to receive this well-packaged gift, she said it was indeed very cute. A personal message of congratulation was also included with the gift. Thank you Diapercake.sg for bringing cheer to my friend.

Note: All images in this post were taken with permission from Diaper Cakes - Baby Hamper & Gifts in Singapore.

Update, the owner of diapercakes is awesome she is offering my readers big discounts..have a look!

(Quote ‘Sweetbunny2018’ to enjoy 10% off purchases SGD$50.00 and above, This discount code is valid until 31 Dec 2018 )

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